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What's New in Your Library?

You may have begun to notice counter height tables with computers popping up at the libraries. These are our dedicated OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) Kiosks. We are excited to introduce these, as it gives our customers the opportunity to easily assess our online catalog system. 

Card catalogs were helpful when searching for books in the library. Unfortunately, they became outdated when digital cataloging was introduced. Since then, in the locations of Mississippi County Library System, the only way to search for a book's availability and shelf location has been to check out a computer or ask for assistance. Other libraries across the nation have had dedicated stations available to visitors for decades. We are glad to finally “catch up” in this service.  

Enter the OPAC Kiosk. Now there is minimal hassle when seeking a book, and the biggest benefit of all, the OPAC allows you to search the entire library system, that is all 6 library collections!  

At the top right-hand corner of the screen, you have the option to use your library card to login. After logging in, with your card number as the username and the last four digits as your password, you can create a hold for books, request items to be sent to your local library, create book lists, and more! The OPAC really is a tool, and it is beneficial in more ways than one. 

Librista Icon

Believe it or not, this tool can be taken home with you! No, you can’t have our OPAC Kiosk, BUT you can download the app Librista to your mobile device. Librista is the online catalog at your fingertips! With this app, you can search our catalog from anywhere! The same applies with placing holds, creating booklists, viewing your library’s contact information and business hours, and seeing new or trending titles.  

These two gateways to the county-wide catalog are a library goer’s dream! Be sure to use the OPAC Kiosk in the library whenever you need. Librista can be downloaded from your device's app store, and it is a must have app! 

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