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Job Description 


Library Manager (Blytheville) 


Salaried, Full-time, Benefitted 


Principal Role 


Reporting to the Director of the Mississippi County Library System (MCLS) and working in tandem with the Assistant Director regarding the System’s program development, the Library Manager is responsible for the provision, management, and local promotion of library services, programming, and operations at his/her location. The Blytheville Public Library is the busiest of the six MCLS locations demanding proactive management and leadership in local programming implementation and in offering welcoming and effective customer service. The System’s Library Managers meet on a regular basis as part of the MCLS administrative team to coordinate programming; to standardize policies, procedures and customer service; to establish initiatives; and to exchange information and insights.  


Essential Duties & Responsibilities 


  • With the lead of the Assistant Director, develops and offers fresh programming to local customers 

  • Participates in library outreach and promotion events/activities 

  • Supervises and leads staff by example in customer service activity and ensures that the public service desk is adequately staffed 

  • Participates in hiring activity and performance reviews of supervised staff 

  • Processes requests for items to be transferred to other system locations 

  • Ensures a clean, tidy, comfortable, tranquil, and organized environment for customers 

  • Addresses immediate, exceptional customer concerns consulting with the System Director about major issues 

  • Addresses minor technology trouble shooting matters triaging difficult situations to the System’s Technology Specialist 

  • Addresses minor facility maintenance issues triaging major issues to the System Director 

  • Suggests resources for purchase, forwarding this information to the Acquisitions Specialist through the appropriate communication flow 

  • Removes outdated and low use items from the collections 

  • Conducts periodic collection inventories 

  • Assists the Director and other system personnel with the creation and revision of system-wide policies and procedures 

  • Collects various statistics concerning resource usage, facility occupancy, program attendance, and customer visits 

  • Actively promotes a positive image of the System’s services, resources, programming, and fellow personnel to the community through direct engagement with local businesses, schools, and civic leadership 

  • Consistently utilizes email to maintain active communication with System personnel  

  • Maintains a close, positive, progressive relationship with the location’s Friends of the Library group 

  • Other duties as defined and prioritized by the System director 

Qualifications: Education, Experience, Skills 


  • A mindset and desire to create and offer new, relevant programming to local customers of all ages, interests, and ethnicities 

  • Ability to efficiently navigate and function within current automation environments such as the Windows operating system, the online catalog and circulation system, web-browsers, and Office 365 applications 

  • Ability to prioritize tasks and work accurately 

  • Ability and will to hold staff accountable for output efficiency and effective customer service 

  • Ability to use and troubleshoot standard office technologies such as fax machines and printers/scanners 

  • Ability to give and follow instructions and communicate well with others in both verbal and written formats 

  • Must be self-motivated and able to work without direct supervision 

  • A high school diploma or equivalent is required 

  • Cataloging experience is preferred 

  • A post-secondary degree is preferred 

  • Customer service, supervisory, and/or management experience is preferred 


Physical & Professional Demands 


  • This is a professional position that demands pro-active, courteous and polite interactions with the service population, fellow personnel, and community leadership 

  • Promptness, reliability, and integrity to follow a flexible schedule 

  • Performs tasks involving sitting, standing, walking, stooping, long periods of keyboarding, etc. 

  • Ability to lift loads up to 40 pounds and push book carts weighing several hundred pounds 




This is a full-time, salaried, benefitted position with occasional evening and weekend commitments for service hours and special events. Starting salary $40,000-$43,000 based on experience and education. 


Revised by the MCLS Director, November 2, 2023 

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