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MCLS Movie Nights

Updated: 4 days ago

The MCLS is proudly introducing Movie Nights. Starting in July, we will show movies at different locations. Concessions will be available, where you will be able to purchase popcorn and a drink. Members of our VIP Movie Night Facebook group will receive a discount on their concession prices.  

Click the link here to join the group.  

This group will also be the first place to hear about when, where, and what we are watching. We are limited to where we can advertise movie titles, so we are excited to be able to offer a VIP group to share those details with you! 


We will kick off with matinees showing the movie Up (conveniently fitting our summer adventure theme!) 

Manila Public Library- July 9 @4pm 

Leachville Public Library- July 15 @2pm 

Keiser Public Library- July 16 @4pm 

Osceola Public Library- July 18 @5pm 

Blytheville Public Library- July 23 @5pm 


After July, there will be three locations showing a movie each month. 

In August, you can catch a movie at Blytheville, Manila, and Wilson, and in September, you can watch at Osceola, Leachville, and Keiser. These will keep the same rotation, so each location will have a Movie Night bimonthly. 

Be sure to join the VIP Movie Night group to stay in the loop with movie showings and to receive a special discount on concessions! We don’t want you to miss out on any MCLS perks! 

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