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Staff Spotlight: Mandy Hill

Mandy Hill was randomly selected to be our next staff member in the spotlight!  


Mandy is the branch manager at both the Manila and Leachville Public Libraries. She has worked for the MCLS for the past 9 years. Her favorite part about her job is interacting with the public!  


If you frequent the Manila and Leachville libraries, you know this is true! Mandy is familiar with many of her regulars. She goes above and beyond for her patrons, always aiming to bring them the best materials and programs. 


When you work for a library, of course, we have to talk about books! Mandy’s favorite book is Shades of Twilight by Linda Howard. She enjoys reading when she has a moment of free time to herself. Physical book copies are her go-to, but she does read E-Books from time to time.  


Mandy is working on traveling to all 50 states. She is about halfway completed and is looking forward to marking more states off her list. Sometime this year, she is planning to drive to California. Along the way, she plans to do a little sightseeing. The Grand Canyon Skywalk, Las Vegas, and Redwood Parks are on her list of must sees! 


In my experience, Mandy has been great to work with! She passed the social media baton to me when I first started working here, and since then, any help I’ve needed she has been able to offer. Most of my experience with Mandy has been at a distance, since I am mostly at the Blytheville location, but any time I have been to Manila or Leachville for a program, she is just as easy to work with. 


Randy Newman, the system’s IT Specialist, said “Mandy goes all out for anything she is involved in. I remember when she worked at the Blytheville location, she always had something fun planned in the children’s department. When we have programs that are holiday based, she dresses up, decorates, and entertains the kids. Her exuberance is contagious.” 


Now for fun facts about Mandy: 

If Mandy could have any superpower, she would choose to read peoples’ minds. 

If she could travel anywhere, she would go to the North Pole for colder weather! 


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