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Shelf Talk 41:MCLS Resources

The Mississippi County Library System has much more to offer than the books on the shelves. Reading doesn’t have to be your forte for a library card to be your greatest asset. From the many different resources, materials, and services available, there is something to choose from to suit every individual.

Our libraries each have computers with internet access available to the public for appropriate personal use. Functions with the computers include a fax machine, printer, and document scanning. This service is great for those who may not have internet access or printing/faxing capabilities at home. Important documents are also kept on hand, including tax documents.

MCLS also has a Library of Things. This includes board games, toys, and baking pans. We also have an array of DVDs containing movies, TV shows, and exercise routines; CDs; maker space activities; and gaming available to the public as well. This makes the library a great place to pick up a new hobby. The items on hand at each branch vary, so it is best to use the online catalog at to see specifically what is available to you or visit your local library in person. If something is available at a different branch, our courier can transport items among branches as requested.

For those who are seeking reading material, there’s more variety than the book genre. Magazines, newspapers, journals, comics, plays, cookbooks, dictionaries, thesauruses, atlases, and encyclopedias are some of the reading materials available. Don’t have time to sit down and read a book, or just prefer to receive it another way? We have audio and e-books available to be checked out as well. 

Apart from the materials offered, the library provides an environment that welcomes everyone. Libraries are naturally quiet places, which makes them the perfect place to study, complete assignments, work on projects, or come to read. We often post ads promoting upcoming community events, which makes our libraries great places to go to stay informed.

There are children’s play zones that can include Legos, games, and children’s books for all ages. Public libraries will typically host events or classes. Weekly game nights, knitting classes, art classes, wreath-making classes, etc. There are endless possibilities of what could be held, so it’s best to keep an eye out for upcoming events to be sure you aren't missing something that interests you.

The best part about the Mississippi County Library System is that all of this is available to the public with a library card. Library cards are free of charge, which means all these materials and services can be accessed at no cost. The library system is a great asset to those seeking to benefit their minds and expand their capabilities. MCLS is a community benefiting program that grows with the innovation of new technology and public support.

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