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MCLS Director Glad to Serve

As I approach the end of another business week and look toward the business of next week, the Lord has reminded me of just how blessed I am to serve you all here in Mississippi County, Arkansas. The Library System is doing well. We are slowly making improvements to facilities and attempting to make changes in programming, etc. to catch up to this third decade of the 21st Century. Libraries are not what they used to be and more changes are on the horizon.

The MCLS Board continues to be very supportive of the personnel and me, and the leadership and citizens of the County consistently offer me positive feedback.

I just thought I would take a serendipitous moment to say thank you. You all have made my career enjoyable again as I support my family and answer what I believe has been a Godly calling. Nearly four years ago when I left Virginia I knew that He wanted me to move on with the family though that hadn't been my long term plan. Obedience to God's calling is a blessing no matter what our own long-term plans may be.

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