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Children who are read to at an early age have bigger vocabularies

when they enter school.

Register. Read. Reward.


Register to track your progress.

If you read just one book a day with your child, you’ll read 365 books in

a year. That’s 1,825 books before they enter kindergarten!

Sharing books and stories is important to your child’s

brain development


Reading together develops a bond between child and caregiver.


Read the same books over and over. Visit the library for new books, sticker charts, rewards, and more!

Raise a life-long reader

The ability to learn language skills is greatest before the age of six

Rewards make reading fun!

Track your reading here, or visit the library for a sticker sheet.

Pick out a prize from our treasure chest for every

100 books your child reads!

Your child will love moving their name (or picture) up in our

Hall of Fame!

Brag on social media with a special library post after your child reads 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten!

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